About Weimaraners

Weimaraners are a versatile breed that truly does enjoy pleasing their owners!

The Silver Ghost

Originally bred as a gundog to handle big game like deer and bear, the “Silver Ghost” was a highly sought-after dog breed in its native Germany. Today, these elegant but demanding dogs can still be found out on the hunting grounds, but can also make a fine family friend if well exercised.


Family Friend

Your first exposure to the Weimaraner may have been through the photographs, calendars, and books of William Wegman, a photographer who uses wigs, costumes, and props to capitalize on the breed’s ability to assume almost human expressions.

His ever-patient Weimaraners have impersonated Louis XIV, posed in bed watching television, and appeared as Little Red Riding Hood. But the Weimaraner’s earliest job was to serve as an all-around hunting dog who handled big game such as deer, bear, and wolves.

As Germany’s forests shrank and big game became scarce, the Weimaraner’s handlers turned the breed’s talents to hunt birds, rabbits and foxes.

German Sport Dog

The Weimaraner is a picture of grace, stamina, speed, alertness and balance. They are one-family dogs that are reserved with strangers. These dogs make good watchdogs. They require owners who have firm, no-nonsense approaches who will take time to train and socialize them.

New Litter

We are very happy and pleased to announce the arrival of our “Star & Hunter” litter! Mother and babies are doing great!
We have 11 beautiful and strong babies, of which:
7 boys
4 girls
–> To reserve your champion breed Weimaraner puppy, Contact Paula Park at +39.366.224.8233.

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Our Best Beauties

We’re excited to offer beautiful Weimaraners for purchase to loving and nurturing homes. Contact award-winning breeder, Paula Park, today.

To reserve your champion breed Weimaraner puppy, Contact Paula Park at +39.366.224.8233.



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